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richard phillips
October 9th

A Message by Dr. Richard Phillips.

In "God's Creation Design for Gender and Marriage," Dr. Richard Phillips will open up Genesis chapters 1 and 2 to show their great relevance for our lives today. In a world where gender distinctions are increasingly confused, Phillips will show how God makes clear distinctions that Christians should respect and cultivate. God's design for marriage is not only clearly stated in Genesis, but helpfully explained throughout the Bible. Finally, in a culture where sexual sins and confusion mar the lives of countless people, Phillips will show the Bible's depiction of sexuality as holy, good, and blessed by God when in accordance with His Word.

7:00 PM (Book Table Opens a 6:30)
Second Presbyterian Church
105 River Street
Greenville, SC
October 16th

Two Messages by Rusty Fulp of CMI.

Creation: Why it Matters —a Flood of Evidencerustyfulplowres

A powerful and attention-grabbing presentation on the vital importance of the Bible’s history in Genesis: how it is foundational to the Gospel and relevant to our world and society.  The authority of the Bible is paramount.  Items of scientific evidence are woven into the presentation in a way that is easily understood by the layperson, as is the Gospel message.
Dinosaurs—Their Real Place in History
The Scriptures clearly teach a global catastrophic flood event.  In the Biblical flood account (Genesis 6-9), the details of the ark are given, leaving no doubt that the ark had adequate room for every animal ‘kind’, including dinosaurs, and the food and water needed to sustain them.  This historical account is not only upheld by the hundreds of flood traditions from all over the world, but also trillions of fossilized plants and animals buried in sedimentary rock layers all over the earth.   
6:00 PM
Greenville Presbyterian Church
711 Pendleton
Greenville, SC


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